Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Mecha Countdown #6

Hey al, Counterfett here. Are you all rady for the top 5? I hope so, because it all starts tomorrow! In any event, today sees us return to BattleTech, and in this case, for a change not something it 'Borrowed from other franchises, but a success of its own making. A mech so iconic that it's recognizability has spread beyong even its own franchise.

#6: Mad Cat / Timber Wolf

'Nuff said.
When the Clans, descendants of the original Star League Defense Force, returned bent on conquest of known human space, they arrived in weapons of war that were patently unfamiliar and superior to the armies of the Inner Sphere. Namely, Omnimechs. In addition to bein faster, more heavily armed, and bearing superior lighter armor, Omnimechs sported a modularity and ease of repair which traditional BattleMechs could only envy.

And the Timber Wolf was the best of the breed. A heavy which could move like a medium and hit like an Assault Mech, the Timber Wolf confounded all foes which faced it. Even the battle computers were stymied, with recognition software believing the mech to be both a Marauder and Catapult, due to similarities in both weapon loadouts. As the computers switched between both designations, frustrated mechwarriors dubbed it the 'Mad Cat.'

It's still the coolest Omni, in my book. And I'm a Savage Coyote man, myself.


Atreides said...

this would be my number 1. the moment in the first mech commander computer game when one of these comes rushing across the bridge in mission 3 (when all you have are Commandos and Firestarters, and an Uller or Hollander II if you are lucky) is terrifying, and the startup video for the game is still the best ever made, in my opinion.

CounterFett said...

Yeah, I'm a pretty big fan. But there's another Battletech mech that I like better and I think is more iconic for the franchise in particular, and mecha in general.

It's probably going to be #3. So stay tuned...

Dawfydd said...

Yeah, the Mad Cat is pretty rad. And I love that when they designed the Assault-chassis MkII the only way to make it more awesome was to add jump jets :)

The III & IV are pretty cool as well.

And for that matter, any Mechwarrior/ Commander game the first question is "Do we have Mad Cats?" followed by "How do we get Mad Cats"

Given you've already placed the Atlas and Warhammer/Tomahawk though, I'm intrigued as to what could be more iconic....

paws4thot said...

I'm going to call for the Hunchback IIC with 10 AC2 ultras, and the "infinite ammo" cheat.

CounterFett said...

@ Dawfydd: You'll see Saturday. Or maybe tomorrow, depending on where I decide the other Mech everyone knows is in the top 4 goes.

@ paws4thot: I was always partial to slapping a stupid amount of the large x-pulse lasers on all my mechs. Great salvage that way, since you're basically just sandblasting the armor off.