Monday, June 24, 2013

Mecha Countdown #8

Happy Monday all, and welcome to another work week installment of the Mecha Countdown. In today's installment, we do something I was trying not to, which is use Mechs that are from the same franchise two days in a row. This stems not from ignoring my own rule on my part, but rather from the fact that early Battletech just stole Mech designs from everywhere! So we're counting this one as a RoboTech entry. Ok?

#7 Destroid Tomahawk / Warhammer Heavy Mech

Why they are mirror images, I don't know, but it's cool.
The Tomahawk Destroid was a cool looking mech, and despite being an anime design, looks like something out of a western sci fi series. Bristling with weapons, and only humanoid in the most basic evaluation, the Tomahawk oozes menace. In fact, in the early days of Battletech, the Warhammer was one of the 'Big Stick' mech designs.

After it became an 'unseen' it was largely replaced in gamers hearts by the Awesome, a mech a weight class heavier. Yeah, the Warhammer was rad. In the anime, however, I don't remember it that well. I know they played second fiddle to the veritechs, but were they effective against the Zentraedi? Probably against battle pods, anyway, I would guess.

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Mike Howell said...

I'm not sure they were stolen, but rather licensed. Maybe some were stolen. Battledroids were just spec sheets glued to Japanese model kits.

The Tomohawk/Warhammer definitely has that western feel to it... I hadn't noticed it before. Good eye.

So why did Harmony Gold rename it the Excalibur? Or rename the Spartan the Gladiator? Or rename the Phalanx the Spartan? The world may never know.

One of these does get 1-hit by a Zentraedi male power armor in the movie.