Sunday, June 23, 2013

Mecha Countdown #9

Good evening all, Counterfett here with a bit of a tardy post. I managed not to do my planned Examiner post yesterday or Obscure Video Game Sunday today, which I am still kicking myself over, since that is my best eprforming feature, stats wise. Still, I am sure you will learn to manage. If anyone even noticed. But today I am posting a BattleTech favorite. And this time, it's really just from BattleTech. This is one the done right.

#9 Atlas

Unfair fight countdown #1: Atlas vs. Rifleman.
Ah, the Atlas. Spec'ed by the great Aleksandr Kerensky himself to be the biggest, baddest, scariest mech in the Inner Sphere, it was largely successful until the return of the Clans, who simply had better tech. the Atls is one of those 'mechs that everyone has run, and everyone has gone up against. It's a pretty solid build in most configurations, with a autocannon (or Gauss), long range missiles, and some decent lasers.

Original art from TRO 3025. Yeah, I would call myself impressionable in those days.
Oh, and it has a skull shaped cockpit, to scare the impressionable.


Dawfydd said...

The moment you crap yourself in ANY Mechwarrior game: the first time an Atlas shows up (normally when you're still using Light or Medium chassis...)

CounterFett said...

In MW 3: Mercenaries, there is a level where one bust through a wall out of a warehouse where it was hiding.

The first time I played that level it smashed the rest of my lance (who were in mediums as I recall), and killed my favorite lance mate pilot Angel. Needless to say I loaded from the save and tried again.

Nobody kills Angel.

Mike Howell said...

heh. Rifleman. I see what you did there.

CounterFett said...

@ Mike: I was hoping someone would catch that. You win +1 internets