Saturday, June 29, 2013

Mecha Month: Cracking The top 3

Well, now that we have the Evangelions out of the way, let's get to that other walker that you all knew was going to be in here. Well, I figured everyone would assume this was number one, but I guess I threw flks with all of my recent EVA fandom. Still, for long time readers, I am certain that this coming in third is a bit of a surprise. I must admit, as we came down to the end, I found myself deciding that it shouldn't get top slot 'just because' as so much of these countdowns have ended. I refer of course, to...

#3: Imperial AT-AT

Ah, the All Terrain Armored Transport. Because an assault by elite, incorruptible, zealous, power armored infantry wasn't scary enough, they have to arrive in a giant armored dog with laser fangs! The Empire Strikes Back was, and is, a terrific movie. If not my favorite movie of all time. And it's mostly because of these.

In the mid-80's, mecha were not really a new idea, but this was the first armored walker I ever saw that really grabbed my imagination and took it for a ride. I would draw them on my book covers. I made them out of blocks. I tried to build them as sand castles.

Yeah. AT-ATs are great.

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