Monday, June 24, 2013

Obscure Video Game: The Rei Ayanami Raising Project

Amazingly, this is the only battle related screen cap I took. I'm becoming a sucker for these games. I blame everyone who requested these after Girlfriend of Steel.
The LT largely takes the role Gendo played early in the series. Protector / Role model.
Dear god, what have I done? This is, astonishingly, another title I did for this series by popular demand. The Rei Ayanami Raising Project (RARP) is very similar to the later and more well known (if either game can be called well known) Shinji Ikari Raising Project (SIRP). It also has in common a lot of the dialogue functionality and choice driven mechanics as the earlier Girlfriend of Steel games.

The many faces of Rei: 1) Angry/Sad Rei 2)Slightly Bummed Rei 3) Neutral Rei 4) Happy Rei 5) What I thought was very happy Rei. Like +2 Rei. No, this is the 'I am falling in love with the LT' Rei. My bad.
Remember a week ago how I said Rei's concert dress was my favorite outfit for her? I take it back, this is better. I was trying to get her to be a samurai when she grew up, but instead she, well, you'll see.
In this installment, however, instead of Misato or Ritsuko, you play as an unnamed new character; the 'Lieutenant.' The LT is a normal looking guy with remarkably few psychological problems who appears to be in his early twenties, and has been hired by NERV to raise the titular character.

This is an indicator of how Rei feels, if she has the black one piece and no one with her, she's sad. If she has the white suit with people, she's neutral, this is the happy version with the two piece. Not sure why girls have to be more confident to wear more revealing swimsuits maybe?
Careful with the top! Rei's boobs are the harbingers of the end times!
Now, to my knowledge, this has not been translated. So, what I did was get a save editor, and played very carefully. I made a diagram of the various expression clues Rei gives and what I thought they meant. I was super wrong in one instance, as you'll see. If I made a decision, and she seemed happy, I proceeded. If she looked upset, I reloaded and tried again. It took a long time. Remember, I do this so you don't have to, ladies and gentlemen. It's like a public service.

Didn't you hear me? The end times!
You can pick which part she plays in the school production. Tree (bad!), Rabbit (bad), Witch (neutral), or Snow White (happy). Since Snow White has her kissing Shinji (unacceptable!) I picked the witch. Though she is a pretty adorable tree.
Your choices do affect the outcomes, and who Rei becomes interested in. I know both the LT and Shinji are romantic option for her. I also suspect Gendo might be. I know. This go around, I managed to avoid the EOE ending on the first try. There seems to be less luck of the draw involved in this one than in SIRP. And here I was actually hoping to see the GNR (Giant Naked Rei) because I was cracking jokes about it to myself through the whole game. There really do seem to be a lot of opportunities for Rei to lose her shirt, and my theory is that rei's boobs are harbingers of the end times.

Rei, learning to make cake!
Oh, Christmas. This looks innocent.
Wait, what the hell just happened?
All in all, a final verdict for this game is difficult. I do love me some Rei, and this game is all about her. Furthermore, after three other games in this series under the belt, I am having more fun with these, and having an easier time figuring out what to do, with less save states. That said, it's a really weird game. Caveat Emptor. My very favorite part was that as Rei and the Lieutenant got more and more involved, only Maya Ibuki really seemed to care. She was mortified. Fairly amusing, actually.

So...I guess they got married at the end. Like I said, weird game.


SinSynn said...

So I'm guessing this is a PC game, but I'm sorta unclear on what kinda game it is...Like some sorta puzzle- romance simulator thingy?
No giant plug-in mech action?

And I agree- Rei's boobs are definitely heralds of the Apocalypse.
But maybe some things are worth it?

CounterFett said...

Yeah, it's a PC game, and it's a puzzle/dating rpg. There are some battle scenes, but you don't directly control the EVA, how the battles turn out is based on the stats Rei has from what choices you make.

My Rei was happy, confident, and not lonely, so she always kicked butt.

And, yes, as Tali would say..."Totally worth it."