Sunday, June 16, 2013

Obscure Video Game Sunday - Girlfriend Of Steel 2

What are they all yelling about?
I had originally not planned to play Girlfriend of Steel 2, but by popular demand, here it is! I must be a glutton for punishment or something. While largely built in the same play style as the original, this version does have a better, more sensible layout, and more decision choices.

If you take Rei along at the first branch, you get this awkward moment on the train. See Shinji trying to pretend she doesn't look like his mom as he cops a feel?
One major issue I have with this game right off the bat Mana Kirishima! How can the game be called Girlfriend of Steel 2, when the titular character is not in it! What's more, this happens in a different continuity than the first game, so it's possible she doesn't even exist!

Another branch involves this winning scene. Kensuke throws himself on the friend grenade a little too vigorously.
Hey look, more violins and Cellos.
This version, unlike the first game, happens in the alternate reality from episode 26, so Asuka is slightly less of a jerk, Shinji is less of a wuss, and Rei is a normal (ish) girl. Additionally, this version has more choice paths than the first game. There's really just a whole lot more going on in this edition.

I always figured Kowaru would be a more baller violinist and have like a sold out recital. But at least everyone looks like they're having a good time.
This is Rei's best outfit in the whole series, btw. Also, I just noticed, is she wearing a slip? Is that still done?
There are three story threads (Rei, Asuka, and Kowaru) but only two endings (sorry, no happy ending for you Kowaru!). Since all of the other playthroughs I've seen the player chooses Asuka, I figured I would pick Rei. Because, well, I like Rei better, anyway.

Watch where those eyes are Shinji. If 'End of Evangelion' taught me anything, it's that Rei's boobs are harbingers of the End Times.
Oh god Shinji, have you listened to nothing I've said! It's the END TIMES!!
This has not been translated, so if you intend on bravely following, make sure to get a strategy guide or a savegame editor. There's not much difference between one and two other than the story, so I'll just caption the photos and let that tell the tale.

Cue Train's "Calling All Angels"
There is kind of a funny battle at the end, where all of the kids (including, amusingly, Kensuke and Toji), hop in EVAs and fight all of the angels at once. That's why everyone was yelling at top. Then, the happy ending based on whichever choices you made for Shinji. In this instance, we picked Rei, because she's way more the type of girl you'd take home to Mom...wait.

Now...why is Toji better dressed than the groom?
You know, I always figured if Shinji and Rei had kids, the offspring would all look like Prince Charles, but that kid looks alright.

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