Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Painting With Paint: Iron Maiden

Yup, Mana Kirishima is one of the cooler EVA characters. I went in to some detail about her in the relevant video game post of Sunday, but in case you missed it, she is one of the main characters in the 'Girlfriend of Steel / Iron Maiden' story game. She's super into Shinji, the main character, and is, sadly, one of his healthier relationships.

Mana knows that when life gives you lemons...
I did these a little different than my recent PWP series. for the last few months, ever since I got comfortable with the method I used for the 'Freckles 2.0' Liara, I do these with Gimp in three layers. I do a semi-transparent layer  to block in the colors from the original like an overlay, then I draw in the lines with a smaller brush. Think of this way as like inking a comic.

...you just have to squeeze them.
For these, even though they are technically stills from a video game, they felt more like an anime or manga, so I did the first layer, then removed the original, and painted the rest 'freehand,' if such a term can be used when talking about computer graphics. I also used the big angry brush, like I did with Rei a few weeks ago. This way feels like painting when you have a picture to copy from sitting next to you.

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