Saturday, June 1, 2013

Star Wars Vintage Collection Barriss Offee

It's entirely possible I spelled her name wrong, but it is 100% certain that I don't care. I got this because she is fairly important in the Clone Wars cartoon, and I wanted to have her fight with Anakin. Also, since her Clone Wars and 'Realistic' portrayals aren't that different, and cost the same now, I might as well get the one with the fabric robes.

I only bothered taking pictures of Barriss in the package. This is for a couple reasons.
  1. I sort of stopped caring about her before this post was made (sorry, sometimes it happens).
  2. There's not much going on with her outside of the package. Seriously, she has leg articulation but it's pointless with how restrictive the skirt is. Same with the hood blocking the head. Also, she has a cape which restricts her torso movement. So basically, she can move her arms. Pretty bad.
The one cool thing she has, which I wish other figures from this line would have integrated, is that the 'spare' lightsaber handle has a little peg on it which slots into her belt. That's pretty cool, and something I bet collectors have been screaming for a while about. Too bad it comes on what is otherwise such a lackluster figure.

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