Friday, June 7, 2013

Toys For Wargaming: EVA-00

Yeah, I got EVA-00. What of it?
Yeah, so this is what started this whole Evangelion fiasco. I wanted big robot toys to fight alongside my mini soldiers. I've covered this material before, but what got me was that I really ended up loving the story this time.

In the past, I've looked at Dougram and Macross, both good franchises, and because they remind me of the 'Unseen' BattleTech mechs of my youth. But they never drew me in quite the same way. My brother was a die hard Robotech fan, so Macross always feels like I'm stealing someone else's hobby.

But EVA? EVA's all mine! I've had this thing in hand for some time now, and it is quite a bit larger than I had anticipated. Not large enough to be truly in scale with 15mm figures (Maybe 6mm?) but large enough to still look quite imposing next to them.

I was planning to wait on posting until I opened it, but since I still have not been able to bring myself to opening it, I figured I better just post it before it becomes like the never-ending Predator review. Wow, I still haven't finished that stupid three part review!

In any event, Zerogouki comes with a Positron Rifle, Shotgun (did any of the EVAs use a shotgun?), tons of spare hands, the power umbilical, rifle cartrides (for what gun, I wonder? the Positron rifle used fuses, not cartridges), shotgun shells, and an N2 Mine. The N2 mine amuses me greatly, as it's a reference to that episode where Rei runs up and punches a nuke into an angel's face. They replaced it with a ballistic missile in the movie so more people would know what it was, but I prefer the older way.

It looks great, and I got an awesome deal on it because I didn't mind the weird alternate pain scheme (Zerogouki should be yellow, or blue, but mine is gold-ish). As soon as I can bring myself to open it, I should have some scale shots and use it in gaming. Stay tuned!

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