Tuesday, July 30, 2013

And Now...Tanks. -Sigh-

Well, if there's one thing I love more than mecha, it's tanks. I might be the only cat you know who's run a tank company in BattleTech (unless you run is some seriously weird circles). So, it seems my miniatures interest has turned away from Mecha and infantry (for the moment) and back to great armored vehicles. I'm certain there will be some exposition in the coming days as to why, but let's leave it at that for now, eh wot?

Anyway. I'm looking at getting some 15mm armored fighting vehicles. I'd love to find a better source than Battlefront/Flames of War, since I feel like they are overpriced and often don't have the options I want, but I can't seem to find anything. Plus, not being that knowledgeable about 15mm scale is causing me some problems.I'm mostly interested in WWII era, but not any one nationality, as I am going to put together an odd duck mix.

Anybody got any ideas?


Magos Kasen said...

Check out 'Plastic Soldier Company'. I'm not overly familiar with WW2 15mm, but I believe they offer a range of hard plastic tank kits that are better value that Battlefront.

Anonymous said...

There are tons! I used to do peter pig for cheaper troops but google 15 mm ww2 and you'll get tons of options.

CounterFett said...

Ah, thanks guys! I'm hoping to find someplace that sells individual tanks for less. Plastic Soldier Company is indeed great, but they mostly sell platoons or more, as far as I can tell.

paws4thot said...

Er, 15mm is about 1:76 scale, so any store that sells plastic hobby kits should have a range packaged in 1s and/or 2s.

CounterFett said...

@ Paws: 1/76 fits with 20mmm, though it's slightly larger. 15mm equates to 1/100, though technically speaking it's 1/107 pr something.

If I could find a good 1/76 selection I might actually consider, since I have not invested anything as of yet. I was just hinking 15mm since there's so much available because of the FoW craze right now.