Friday, July 5, 2013

Great Games I Never Played - Heavy Gear

I've never really played Heavy Gear on the tabletop. The PC games are what got me familiar with the franchise. Given my strange enjoymnet of recreating video game worlds in minis, you would think that this would be a natural fit. But it's simply never happened.

I've always rather liked the mechanics of the miniature game, and I've even sat down to try a few test games with like minded friends and colleagues in the past, but nothing has really ever come of it. When the most recent miniatures game came out, I got the quick start rules that were included in the starter kit and then...nothing.

Well, that might be about to change, as the whole Mecha Countdown in general, and Code Geass in particular, has me looking at this miniature line pretty closely again. The Knightmare Frames from CG (the first season anyway) are more than a little similar. I got into this on my CG review the other day, but looking back on it now, it has me really wanting to play some Heavy Gear.

I just reacquired the Quick Start rules, maybe I will give them a go this weekend? We'll see.

Edit: I'm terrible. When I posted this, I saw that I had a Heavy Gear Tag. I clicked it and saw taht this had already appeared in the 'Great Games I Never Played Series,' and that I had tried getting to start this a few years ago. Those that forget history are doomed to repeat it, I suppose. Let's hope the mecha momentum I have going right now will carry me through!

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