Tuesday, July 16, 2013

MIniatures I Want For 'In Her Majesties Name.'

Part I: Werewolves and Other Monsters.

In my experience, the paint on the Legendary Encounters line isn't this good, but I'm sure I wont mind.
Since In Her Majesties Name provides a set of points values for all of the powers you can give to characters, and all of the provided factions abide by these rules, you're not really out anything by making up your own adventuring company. Since this is exactly what I intend to do, I figured I would do the same for some of the bad guy factions. Also, being lazy, cheap, and bad at painting, I figured I should do as much of this on the bounce as possible.

I already have this one, and this is a pretty accurate shot of the level of painting.
So, to start with...Reaper. Reaper's Legendary Encounters line provides a nice little sample of monsters, heroes, and villains which are cheap and pre-painted. If you remember, these cater to my cheap side and my lazy side, which is both sides. I already have their Vampire, which while not inspirationally well painted, is still probably better than I can do. I have to order the werewolf, though, and since I will be ordering, I might as well get some other stuff that will fit in the setting.

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