Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Miniatures I Want For "In Her Majesty's Name" 2

Part 2: Classy Villains

One of the hallmarks, for me, of steampunk or Victorian Science Fiction is the genteel villain. Or maybe a good way to put it is that the bad guys need to be someone James Bond would feel at home going up against. Not to say your average Steampunk Gentlefolk wouldn't thrash a goodly number of ruffians and thugs, but the rhapscallion behind it all should be a cut above.

Lorenzo Cortes. A Steamfist shoe-in unless I miss my guess.
These are those kind of villains. I rather like the miniatures for Anima Tactics. I've looked into the game itself in the past, but I never really got into it, as I've never done well with 'all named characters' type of games. I know, Anima isn't all named characters anymore. It was when I looked. But be that as it may, this game is sort of what I call 'Angelpunk' or steampunk with medieval styling and overtones of divine magic.

Cordelia Rosalind. Guess that qualifies as a hunting rifle?
The Wissenschaft faction has several great candidates for evil masterminds, and I think I like these two. Lorenzo Cortes sort of fits as the main villain, while Cordelia Rosalind makes a good second, or perhaps favorite trigger gal. These roles are not set in stone, however, as I'm not finalized on what kind of setting I want this game to be in. More exploration of that another time!

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