Thursday, July 18, 2013

Miniatures I Want For "In Her Majesty's Name" 3

Part 3: Dashing Heroes & Heroines

Ok, I'll be upfront, one of my favorite things about "In Her Majesty's Name" is that there is NO force org chart. Want to make a small company of heroes? Do just that. Want a swarm of nameless weaklings? You got it. Want a pre-fabbed unit? Fine. Want to roll your own? GO right ahead. THe only thing holding you back in this game is your own imagination. So, since I am of the 'fewer minis is better' school, and given my unfulfilled desire to play a tiny warband of unique figs (in 40k at least), I'm setting out to really make the best possible group of Steampunk figs I can make myself on the cheap. Here's part of what I'm looking at so far.

Kommander Strakhov from Warmachine. I've never played Warmachine, or Hordes, which is funny, because I have a painted Legion of Everblight army, which is the only 100% completed army list I've ever made. Still, I love some of the minis from this game. I originally looked at Strakhov for a Guard character from 40k (I believe I was thinking of Marbo, but I could be wrong). Then I wanted him to be a leader of my multi-purpose Recon Boys from Dust Tactics. Now, I have finally dropped the hammer and Strakhov is winging his way to me by the courtesies of the internet. I think I will still paint him to match my Recon Boys, but that's another post.

Charles Bennet. Wasn't that the name of Elizabeth's father from "Pride and Prejudice?" I suppose I could look it up very easily, but I don't wanna. Anyway, this is from Reaper's Chronoscope Line. Or as I like to call it, the "We want to cash in on every mini fad but not make a whole line for it" series. This one's a little more spot on than I like, but it's a good generic steampunk adventurer that I can stat up pretty much how I like, and paint any way I choose. Hhe doesn't come with any backstory baggage, which is nice.

Belle. Also hailing from the Reaper Chronoscope line, Belle is pretty much the same sort of deal as Charles, but a lady.

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