Friday, July 26, 2013

Pacific Rim Heroclix

This is actually kind of interesting. I have not seen Pacific Rim yet, but as a big Godzilla fan as a kid, and an Evangelion fan as an adult, a movie about big robots fighting monsters strikes a chord with me. I know it's popular for everyone to call them Kaiju these days, but to me, they're monsters.

Anyway, NECA has released the Pacific Rim heroclix. I was hoping something like this would happen. I want to get a bunch of the Jaegers for use in a ton of games. They could be steam automata or robots in 28mm games, they can be mecha in finer scale games, etc.

The Kaiju actually look kind of dumb, but I'm sure they could stand in as monsters for a game of In Her Majesty's Name, or something. The one in particular looks like it might not be a bad fill in for a yeti.

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Magos Kasen said...

I highly recommend Pacific Rim, great fun, lots of giant robots fighting giant monsters, and at the end of the day, is there anything better than that?
I also appreciated a sci fi action movie that remembered that the world extends past America's borders :P
I'll have to check out these heroclix models, they look like excellent recreations of the jaegers.