Monday, July 29, 2013

Top 5 WORST Anime Romances

Hey all, Counterfett here. As much as it sometimes shocks me, people actually read this drivel. Occasionally, I even have people ask me things which brings on a follow up. In this instance, I mentioned as a 'con' in the Broken Blade review how King Hodr and Queen Sigyn were a terrible romance, and a friend who saw that article asked me how I would rate other bad Anime couples, a la  'The Top 5 Video Game Romances' post of yesteryear. Well, not content to just talk about it, I decided to make a post of it!

I tried to find a picture of Sigyn and Hodr together, and this is the closest I could get. Can't you feel the warmth?
#5) King Hodr & Queen Sigyn (Broken Blade). Yeah, they don't really like each other. She's in love with high school sweetheart Rygart. He seems more into his cook. They sleep in different rooms. Yet neither of them seem able to drop the hammer on the divorce paperwork. They're too indifferent to each other to even not like each other.

Oh, the primitive chunk style. I missed it so.
#4) Lisa Hayes & Rick Hunter (Robotech/Macross). I barely remember Robotech, I haven't watched it in decades, but I remember dispising these two! I almost included Minmei, but I vaguely remember her singing 'We will Wiiiiiiiin!' as the SDF-1 punched its way through the Zentraedi fleet, so she managed to avoid the nod.

Grrrr....Suzie Q.
#3) Suzaku & Princess Euphemia (Code Geass). Dear Lord, how did these two not place higher. Between his obnoxious moral character, and her voice acting, this was a match designed to set my teeth to grinding. This was one of the few 'star crossed romances' in recent anime history where I was actually glad when it disintegrated.

#2) Yoko & Anybody (Gurren Lagann). Poor Yoko, she tries so hard to be a good romance option. She's smart, tough, and has a body to make Jessica Rabbit envious. Yet...every guy she gets close to...dies. That same episode. That's rough. I almost included her twice, since it happens more than once, but I decided to just include both her beaus in one shot for brevity. No, I'm not even going to post a picture of Yoko. Even Google Safesearch can't protect me if I go looking for that.

This seems to be going well.
#1) Shinji & Asuka (Evangelion). I feel like a traitor because of how much I love me some Eva, but seriously, these two kids should really not be around each other. With her repeat abuse of poor Ikari to the point where he tries to strangle her, they're a match made in, well, third impact.

That's it for now. Now that I've done this, I'm strongly considering the flip side of this coin, and doing a 'Top 5 Best...' post. I'm not actually sure who I would include, because like fast food service, it's easier to remember the bad oines than the good. Still, I'll see what I can scrape together.

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