Sunday, July 21, 2013

Toys For Wargaming: Code Geass Guren Mk. II

Yup, Kallen Kozuki style! As part of my ongoing quest to have a representative mecha from each of the franchises I love, I picked up this Guren Mk II from amazon some while back to represent Code Geass. Basically, there were a few I didn't recognize, this, the Lancelot, and the Vincent. Everything else was preposterously expensive. Since I don't like Rolo (who pilots the Vincent), and I hate Suzie Q (of the Lancelot), I decided the Guren, ably piloted by Kallen, one of my favorite characters of the series, was my best bet.

Back of the box
In any event, this thing looks pretty cool, and if I had to guess, judging from it's size in the box, it should be about in scale for 28mm figures. Which is nice luck! Unfortunately, this is part of the growing list of cool toys I have got recently that I can not quite bring myself to open!

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