Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Book Review - Mass Effect; Homeworlds

Well, I've actually had this for quite a while, but never just took the plunge and read it. Essentially, rather than a genuine graphic novel, this is a compilation of four shorter runs, each detailing events not portrayed in the games for Vega, Tali, Garrus, and Liara. Rather than my usual Pros/Cons format, let us simply look at the individual stories.

VEGA: The Homeworlds Arc for Vega portrays his entrance into the Alliance Marines after being sold out by his father, who sent Vega to pick up some Red Sand for  him. Dad Of The Year award for that guy. This is one of the weaker stories, as far as I'm concerned, as it has no real action, and Vega's backstory honestly isn't that interesting until 'Paragon Lost.'

TALI: Well, at least she's better than Vega. Tali's arc focuses on the first part of her pilgrimage, when she recovers the memory core of the Geth who overheard Saren and Benezia. Sadly, most of this was already known, and while it has a decent dose of action (not to mention the galaxy at large's opinion of Quarians), the art style really does no favors for poor Tali, who is difficult to distinguish from her male Quarian sidekick in most scenes. I rather thought comic artists would go overboard in doing Tali justice, but that was not the case.

GARRUS: I had big expectations for my main man Garrus. He did not let me down. I feel like the Archangel story, while not full of surprises or even new material, was worth the price of admission on its own. Garrus' story is gritty, laden with regret, and basically everything you wanted from his time on Omega. It's really the best part of the compilation, which is funny, considering I was looking most forward to...

LIARA: My blue girl, while not as terrific a read as Garrus, still delivers the goods. Her arc consists of the events between the Lair of the Shadow Broker DLC and Mass Effect 3, showing how she came to have the knowledge of the Prothean Weapon's design location on Mars. As a plus, her art style largely did justice to her, though I was a bit bummed that she is only shown wearing her Shadow Broker clothes. That girl really needs to change more often.

Homeworlds is a decent, if not inspired read. If you are a big Garrus and Liara fan (as I am) it's definitely worth a look. If on the other hand you are a Tali fan (I don't know that there is such a thing as a Vega fan, per se), you might feel a little let down. Also, that most of this portrays events that are already known from backstory dialogue in-game, this could be a good one to skip unless you are a completionist.

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