Friday, August 2, 2013

Combat Cards - I Finally Have Them!

Well, after a lengthy hemming and hawing period, I finally got my Combat Cards from Tactical Assault Games. I have them printed out, and will hopefully have a chance to play around with them over the weekend.

For those (few) of you who don't already know what I'm talking about, Combat Cards is a PDF product that you can print out and cut up, which makes a deck of cards that you can use to play tabletop miniature games. There is a modern/scifi version and a fantasy version. I got the modern/sf version, but I might go back and get Fantasy. I sort of doubt it as a seem to wargame in SF and roleplay in Fantasy, but time will tell.

The neat thing about Combat Cards is that the unit roles are fairly broad, meaning you can largely use just about any miniatures to represent the combatant classes. This allows you to pretty much use whatever is at your disposal to throw together a match. Ideal for me! I really do have piles of miniatures that I'm not using for much, that I would love to get out on the table (or floor, as the case may be).

Like I said, I have big plans of breaking this out over the weekend, so look forward to a gaming report and pics late Sunday or early next week.


Anonymous said...

I helped playtest these rules a few years ago-one bit of advice. There can be a steep learning curve in your first game(s). You have to get to the Ah-Ha!' moment. This usually happened about halfway thru the first game, but we did have the designer and experienced players around so YMMV.

Also, some of the timing and card combinations might not make sense or seem "realistic", but I think a lot of that judgement is based on experience with other rulesets and not on an appreciation for how thinks actually played out in history. Most soldiers aren't nearly as brave as their toy soldier counterparts.

I guess that's two bits of advice-my two bits worth.

CounterFett said...

Thanks! I'll keep an open mind. I saw Mik's series about it some time past, which is largely what inspired me to get it, so I have a fair idea of what I'm in for.

That said, I'm sure it's going to be a bumpy ride. Though if people wanted to see a competent gamer's report, they wouldn't be reading me.