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Counterfett Does Anime - Sword Art Online

Sometimes, you have high expectations and end up being disappointed. For me, this happened with Halo 4. Sometimes, you have low expectations and end up being pleasantly surprised. Take how much I enjoyed Gurren Lagann as an example of this phenomena. Then, you can come into a situation not knowing what to expect, and be absolutely blown away. Enter Sword Art Online.

The Floating Castle Aincrad makes an excellent setting for the first arc of the anime.
I simply didn't know what I was getting into. Sword Art Online was a webnovel series that was eventually snagged by a publisher to become a light novel series (in Japan 'light novels' sort of equate to 'young adult fiction' here in the states, though not necessarily aimed at teens). It spawned a Manga, then a 25 episode Anime.

The deep relationship subplot between Kirito and Asuna is one of the story's best points. Also, am I the only one who wished Kirito would have worn his Knights of the Blood costume more? I thought it looked rad. Though he does look a little like Storm Shadow in it.
The story of Sword Art Online is of a Virtual Reality MMORPG that goes horribly awry of what the players expected, when the game's creator informs them that they cannot log out, and if they die in the game, they die in real life. The only way to get free of the game is to beat the boss on the 100th floor. Former beta tester 'Kirito' vows to do just that. But there's more to the tale than just what happens in the floating castle Aincrad, as amazingly, episodes 15-25 are the novels' second story arc, which involves Kirito's desperate mission in ALfheim Online, a subsequent, similar game.

  • Character. Unlike a lot of Anime, the characters in Sword Art Online are ALL exceptional. Not powerful or special, I simply mean that they are all well thought out and written. There are no characters that make me shake my head or get annoyed. There are no 'Suzie Q' characters. In the original subtitled or dubbed version, there are no annoying voice actors.This alone makes Sword Art Online exceptional in my mind.
  • No Fillers. All of the episodes are important and there are no 'duds.' While usually, even a heavily action based series will have 'downtime' episodes where the characters chat and do 'normal' stuff, in Sword Art online, even these episodes are jam packed with mysteries and story.
  • Dat First Half. While it is true I enjoyed the first half more than the second, it is only comparatively, as the second half was tremendous, and only proved disappointing in comparison to the stellar Aincrad first half. The ALfhiem story arc, while less intense in terms of peril for the antagonist, does have a lot of 'aha' moments of satisfaction where secrets are revealed and odds are overcome.
  • Kirito and Asuna. These two make me wish I had waited a little longer to do the Top 5 Best Anime Romances countdown. I'm not getting into it too much, because here thar be spoilers, but they would at least have knocked Haruka/Ayato out of the countdown.
  • Clever, I think readers must have assumed this from the intro, but I really love the setting of this anime. It's very similar in concept to a lot of other 'killer app' type films, such as Tron or the Matrix, and KE554 even said it was similar to Avatar (that was when I stopped discussing it with her). On the other hand, this is a perspective of the genre that has no been looked at; a rather in depth examination of how psychology, love, crime, and property would be dealt with by a society of people who only know each other in a virtual world. Also, as they all wish to leave the game alive, it's also fun to watch how they try to resolve disputes with causing problems for themselves.
  • Brevity. This is a balancing act, because if they stretched it too much, I would have complained about filler episodes, right? Well, in this case, my desire for more overcomes my wariness of unnecessarily stretching the story. 
  • Now You See 'Em. Some very interesting characters are worked into the narrative along with the main antagonists, but many of them only really appear in a single episode. Silica and Lisbeth are prime examples of characters I would have loved to see more of. Liz does appear in two other episodes in the series, but these feel more like cameos than real roles, and Silica only reappears at the very end scolding Liz. Sort of a twofer cameo.
Sorry, I had to make this after I saw Episode 9. It had to be done.

Sword Art Online is maybe the best anime. Is this what I think? Yes, tentatively. It's really very good. There is one episode that made me cry. Previously, I had not cried since 1993. This made me cry for the first time in 20 years. It's that good. Is it my favorite anime? I'm not ready to say that. I have a lot of history and investment in Evangelion. But I can watch Sword Art Online and come out feeling better than when I go through EVA, because of the more positive moral and message. Plus, the fact that SAO really is just a terrific anime on its own merits is a big help too.


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I gotta say, I completely agree with everything you've said here. I watch a ton of anime (like I should probably go to cartoon rehab) and in the time since my addiction began very few of them have taken a hold of me the way Sword Art Online did. I think maybe Usagi Drop (which is an entirely different anime genre), but only because as a single father in my 30's I empathized very strongly with the main charcater. SAO was an Utterly brilliant look at the sociological impact of internet anonymity.