Friday, August 9, 2013

New Space Marines? Yay!

Everyone's favorite Codex is coming soon! I say this with only a trace of sarcasm as I actually like Space Marines. That said, I'm not posting any pics because Games Workshop's recent spate of litigation makes me paranoid about posting any images of their products or art. What a wonderful brave new world we are creating here!

The new models are a mixed batch. I'm pretty stoked with some of the options in the new Vanguard plastic kit, but the Centurions (is that what they're called?) look pretty ludicrous. I guess in the Grim Darkness of the far future there is only topheavy mecha. With the amount of grav technology they must be using to keep those things upright, they should just be 'counts as' skimmers. Oh, I know, maybe those are the new land speeder models. God knows that's about the only way they could make a land speeder look less airworthy than it already does.

I dunno. Maybe I'll just keep muttering to myself in this corner as 6th edition continues to pass me by. See you all again when 7th comes out.

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