Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Pre Order Critique - Infinity Bootleg Part 1

Well, the announcement about these has been out for a good while, but I finally got around to looking up the images of the actual minis. I feel like these present the dichotomoy of Inifnity miniatures quite nicely. By that I mean; fabulous sculpting, but somewhat limitied utility. Many of these minis, while excellent, simply cannot be used for anything other than what they portray. For an inveterate kitbasher like me, that can be...problematic. Anyway, on to the minis themselves!
 In the Lizard Squadron Pilot set, we see one of Corvus Belli's favorite topics, the female posterior in tight pants. Not to say they don't have plenty of figures with male posteriors in tight pants, but seriously, look at this gal. Now while I am sure TAG pilots would certainly hit cheescake poses on machinery daily, maybe something work or combat related might make a better miniature?
Stretching my definition of miniature with what might be better called a vignette or diorama is Joe 'Scarface' Turner. He's an ex-drug addict pilot who takes damage to his TAG very seriously. Very. Here we see him out of the machine beating on some alien (I forget the alien names, as they are NOT why I am interested in Infinity).
Another small vignette, in the PanOceania 'Tech Bees' set we see a female mechanic laconically stretched out what looks like a large terminator. -sigh- I wish Infinity had terminators. Again, while not as inflexible as 'Scarface' above, this is a piece that can not really be used in the game in any way. While there's nothing wrong with that, per se, it does limit its appeal to a gamer-hobbyist like me.

I'll be looking at the remaining models from this wave in the next few days. I hope I'm not being overly sensitive or a drama queen when I say that sometimes Infinity models make me feel like they are painting male gamers as a somewhat masogenistic bunch. I love Infinity minis, but they put so much tail in the line that it makes me suspicious.


MasterDarksol said...

I love a lot of the Infinity model line... but get turned off at the excessive T&A when it comes to the female models. Hard to take models that are supposed to be soldiers seriously when they're posing in a thong with a lollipop, etc.

CounterFett said...

Yep, that's almost exactly my problem. I play with my kids, and often, these aren't the messages I want to send about gamers.

Tim said...

These are intended as display piece models for painters not so much for gamers...but yeah, I think CB has got to move away from the sexualization of its female models.

paws4thot said...

As others, these are "collectable/paintable miniatures" rather than any sort of useful gaming piece.