Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Pre Order Critique - Infinity Bootleg Part II

Well, after getting myself moderately chewed out for panning the new 'Bootleg' line of models from Corvus Belli, I waited to do the second part until the storm blew over. Now, I'm most likely going to get myself back into the thick of it with these two, but c'est la vie.

Right up front, I know that the intent of the Bootleg line was to provide models for hobbyists and painters specifically, and in particular pieces that the sculptors wanted to make. Be that as it may, since I have been a major proponent of the infinity line, I feel it only fair to post when I have something less flattering to say. This is from my own perspective, and I'm not shy about admitting that I don't have much use for this line in my "buy what I like, and make it count as something in whatever game I'm playing" philosophy.

There...with that disclaimer out of the way.
O'Yoroi pilot. This one strikes a bit of a middle ground between the pure 'dioramas' I will never use like in the last post, and what I might be able to use parts of. Now, granted, she's a bit more 'picturesque' than I prefer in a combat trooper, but at least she's armed. Now, this model is very likely much more pricey than I am willing to spring for something that would likely be parted out, it's a step in the right direction.
Maghariba Guard. Ok, right back to it! This one's a bit of the problem I was talking about last time. Though to be fair, I might actually approve if she's jumping onto a mini hoverbike. Is that's what's happening here? It's a bit hard to tell. Still, this might be a bit of a diorama extra, like it would be good if you were building an airfield or mecha hanger, and wanted to have pilots scrambling out of the ready room. I see more use for this one than any of the Part I examples, but still not too much to my taste.

Also, what's with all of the hair? This is one of those things that bugs me, that I could never quite put my finger on. Most of the infinity women have hair that goes at least to their waists! The Hasashin Fiday, one of my favorite in the line, has hair to her ankles. I cut most of it off, as it's a bit impractical for a CQB specialist, and it cleaned off relatively easily, but still...

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