Friday, August 16, 2013

Random Cool Stuff In The Mail Part 3 - Sturmgrenadieren

Nazis make such excellent bad guys, that I have no idea how I lived this long without a box of these. Seriously, what have a been doing for miniature villains up until this point. Oh, right, the Covenant. Well, genocidal aliens work just as good as Nazis, I guess, but a fella want variety.

I figure these can make good adversaries for my steampunk/weird wars type heroes. Also they can serve as comrades to vampires, zombies, or werewolves. Perhaps even dinosaurs may fall under their thrall. Those Nazis really had a lot going on. Their fingers were in a lot of pots, from an occult research perspective.

I have not decided how to paint these up. I want to go for a sort of 'Afrika Korps' style paint scheme, but that's just my Indiana Jones fan coming out. Or maybe black with silver armor, a la sci fi waffen SS? You know, like that dude from Hellboy, or something. I want to b more adventurous with my uninspiring, but easy to paint green with green scheme that I used on the Ally Recon Boys from way back when. I just need to decide how adventurous.

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Magos Kasen said...

They're nice looking figures, I've been tempted to pick up some myself, though they're a little too WW2 to work in a steampunk setting.