Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Random Cool Stuff In The Mail - Pt. 1

Kommander Strakhov
Hey all, Counterfett here. Since I've been gearing up to do an insane amount of posting on the Examiner (since they are paying me extra for list type articles) I figured I would take this moment of calm before the storm and post a bit about the miniature projects I have been working on. I've actually begun gathering a few pieces for some of the games I've posted about over the past few weeks, namely "In Her Majesties Name" and Combat Cards.

First up is Kommander Strakhov. I had mentioned that I was interested in getting him to be a commander for my Dust Tactics Recon Boys. This is a miniature I have wanted since he was released, but only now do I really have a project I think I can use him for. As such, his paint scheme is pretty much already worked out. He'll have olive drab clothes, but forest green armor plates. I am going to try a different effect for his gun than the rather simplistic charcoal paint / black ink I used on the squad, and his knife I want gleaming like silver! Why silver, you ask?

You'll see...

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