Monday, August 5, 2013

Robotech Tactics Available For Preorder!

Hey all, Counterfett here. Not really much to report today, but I am working on the "Top 5 Best..." feature that is the flip side to last week's huge "Top 5 Worst..." post. But that's in the future. This morning, I noticed finally that Robotech Tactics iis aviabla for preorder at Miniature Market.

Now as you are all probably well aware, I do like Robotech, but I didn't buy in to the kickstarter. Lack of money and hobby resolve was the culprit. I've regretted it some, but I seriously don't see myself being faithful enough to this game to need that much swag.

But now that you can get the components individually...well, let's just say that some of this stuff will fit nicely into my 'Combat Cards' plans. I think enough has been said by various and sundry commentators about these minis during their kickstarters, but yes, these look good, and seem a decent value. Especially as compared to GW & Battlefront pricing.

Only time will tell if the minis live up to these expectations once they are in the hand.

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