Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Solo Gaming With Counterfett - A New Direction

Well, for those of you who are regular readers, this is not an unfamiliar topic. But now, I think I have truly hit upon something ingenius. What I have done, as inspired by a recent post on Solo Nexus, is take a really close look at how I 'Solo Game.' It challenged some of my preconceptions, and is wort a read if you are not familiar. Go ahead, I'll wait until you come back.

"I'm a solo it?"
Back? Good. So, like the author there, I always play as a 'party' when I solo game. But why not just have a solo character represent me? I will admit, after just watching Sword Art Online, 'solo play' takes a new meaning, which is why I use my main man Kirito to illustrate. Anyway, the basic challenges for solo play for me are thus:
  1. Generating random environments.
  2. Generating random events.
  3. Scaling the difficulty.
Now for the first point, I remembered a fun print and play game from BGG called Patrol: Lost. I printed some tile sets from there, and will use them to generate 'dungeons' for my hero to navigate.

"400 in 10 seconds...give or take. That's the damage the seven of you can do to me."
For the second point, I printed an old school 'monster encounter table' from D&D. I would link that too, but I forgot where I got it. Just use your favorite search engine and you should turn something up to your liking. The nice thing about the one I found is it has different 'biomes' listed, as well as character levels.

Thirdly, I went to trusty d20 to generate my character and monsters. So, as long as I stick to CR guidelines, I shouldn't have too hard of a time. Also, this grants rewards based on encounter difficulty, which means I have pre-generated tables of loot from which to reward my hero. Heros like Loot.

How I plan on having this work is thus.
  1. Set tiles per Patrol: Lost rules (ie line of sight).
  2. Hero moves in chosen path.
  3. Roll for Random Encounter.
  4. Fight (if applicable).
  5. Roll Reward.
  6. Rest, recuperate, heal, level up.
  7. Lather, Rinse, needed.
The last tile will have a boss of some sort. Haven't quite worked out how that will work, but I'll figure something out.

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