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Top 5 BEST Anime Romances

Good evening all, Counterfett here. Well, one week ago, I posted a wildly successful article with my choices for the top 5 worst romances in Anime. Amazingly, it got a ton of traffic, and I took remarkably little flak over it. I figured I was going to catch all kinds of crap over my choices. And since I didn't, I felt a little disappointed. So here's to round two, which is practically guaranteed to P.O. someone. Regular rules apply. This is my list, obviously selected from the Animes I have seen. If you don't agree, fine, but be nice. Any lists that someone wants to post as a rebuttal, let me know and I'll be happy to even link it. Obviously, this is rife with spoilers for the given shows, so be forewarned.

That's right, it's time for the flip side of the coin, the Top 5 BEST Anime Romances.

See, look at all that affection! Also, someone needs to tell Haruka that Misato wants her jacket back.
#5) Ayato & Haruka (Rah'Xephon). This is one dedicated couple. She waited forever for him, rescued his sorry butt from Tokyo Jupiter, agonized over him being 'younger' than her after bringing him back, went through the hard times of him hitting on everything female because he didn't remember her, and then went to the trouble of rescuing him a few more times. In Ayoto's defense, he's pretty upfront with her, gives her the benefit of the doubt (he didn't remember her for a reason, after all, not just because he's a jerk), and he's even willing to take the leap of faith that this much older woman is really his soulmate from his life before the bubble. One of the mighty few happy endings in Anime, they even get together after the world is 'tuned.' Rah'Xephon gives me happy.

Don't smoke kids. It's a disgusting habit, and it never results in romantic moments with busty, tattooed pirate women. It's why I quit.
#4) Rock & Revy (Black Lagoon). I honestly don't know why I approve of these two so much. They have a lot in common with Shinji and Asuka from the 'Worst' side, but somehow this bloodthirsty pirate and meek businessman manage to succeed where their mecha pilot counterparts fail. Rock stands up for Revy, and gives her credit as a geniune human being (where everyone else sees her as an unsalvagable psychopathic monster), and talks her out of situations where she gets in over her head. For her part, Revy keeps Rock from getting himself killed more times than can be easily kept track of, backs him up when no one else has faith in him, and values that he tries to retain his morals even in the dark cesspool of the underworld. In essence, they can be seen as incomplete people who can really only be successful together. Kinda sweet, really.

Not everyone gets to have humanity's supreme leader officiate at their wedding!
#3) Simon & Nia (Gurren Lagann). The guy who saves the Human Race (twice) and the daughter of the guy he saved them from (the first time), who becomes the messenger of the guys he saves them from (the second time). Okay, now that I've given away the plot for both halves of this series, let's get down to brass tacks. They're a cute couple, both as kids and grownups. Seriously, she has blue hair and the irises of her eyes are flowers, for crying out loud. Adorable. Also, despite being rather 'cutesey' they have serious emotional depth and character development. Sadly, these two kids did not get the happy ending I had hoped for, though 'bittersweet' is a fair description.

Okay, so I know they were totally staging this photo, but they're still adorable.
#2) Toma & Mikoto (A Certain Magical Index/Scientific Railgun). The main characters of two related Animes that have an uncertain affectionate relationship between defeating bad guys on their own and together. Despite having to start their relationship over when Toma's brain gets blasted, these two manage to fumble through an accidental romance where he says things he doesn't realize will be overheard, and she forces him into situations that couldn't possibly backfire but do. That she has 9969 younger sisters that look just like her and dig Toma too only complicates issues. How this one will end is not known, as the story is ongoing, but I have high hopes.

"And that, Little Timmy, is why you'll never have babies of your own."
#1) Max & Miriya (Robotech). Yup. Robotech, proving that love can transcend not only race but species and size. Max is an ace Human veritech pilot. Miriya is an ace Zentraedi...what...battle armor pilot? How's that work again? Anyway, after several inconclusive battles, she comes to Earth after being shrinked (shrunk?), plays against him in some video games, and they fall in love. D'awwwww. I don't think there is official word on if their children are sterile. I always assumed they would be. I mean really, she's Zentraedi! Don't look at me like that.

Well, that's it for now, folks. Hope you enjoyed, and remember, don't hate the player, hate the game.

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Dawfydd said...

Awesome list, and yeah each of these romances is pretty unique in their own ways :)

Also, gotta give a shout out to the alternative take on Max and Myria: In Macross - Do You Remember Love Max winds up Zentradi sized so he and Myria can kick ass in matching power armour :)