Friday, August 2, 2013

Toys For Wargaming: Maisto P-61 Black Widow

Well, perhaps because I recently drooled over one at the Air Museum, or mayhap in recognition of needing more aerial units for Combat Cards, I decided to get the Maisto Tailwinds version of the P-61 Black Widow. The first American aircraft specifically designed for radar, the Black Widow was a pretty interesting plane. I had always assumed it was a modification of the P-38 Lightning, but reading the wiki seems to imply it was a completely new design. It certainly does seem a bit like a bomber.

The neat thing about the miniature version is that you can see the radar operator's canopy in the rear of the fuselage. I would have liked for some of the remote control turrets to be visible, but I guess you can't have everything.

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paws4thot said...

Not every Black Widow had a turret. They all had 4 fixed forward-firing 0.5" guns in the belly. If the turret was fitted it was a teardrop about over the wing centre, with another 4x 0.5".