Thursday, August 29, 2013

Wearing A Tie - Allergies - Sleepless Nights

Hey all, Counterfett here. I bet you're wondering what all the things in the title have to do with each other. Or, if you have the right type of job, it might make perfect sense.

So, I have a client coming into my office for the first time ever. I've worked here for five years, and I've never had a client that felt the need to actually come in. Seriously, thousands of customers over the phone. So, because it looks like this guy is actually coming in (the only other customer who ever said he was coming flaked, so I sort of thought this guy would too), I'm all dressed up in a suit, which is considerably more formal than my typical look.

Also, I came in late because I was supposed to have a conference call, but it DID get cancelled. So I'm leaving early. Because I don't feel well, because I'm stupid.

I'm allergic to corn. Mildly allergic. Usually I just get puffy lips. Yesterday, I skipped lunch, and when I got home, my wife had made nachos. They were delicious. I had seconds. Then, because of the terrible reaction I had from overdoing it...I couldn't sleep.

Anyway, this stream of consiousness ramble is brought to you by the letter C. For Corn. Which I'm allergic to. I'm never ignoring this fact again!

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