Sunday, September 15, 2013

Assembling My Merry Band Of Misfits

Ok, so I know I promised more adventures of Bryce the Stern, but instead of getting to play with toys this weekend, my wife had me tearing out grass with a pickaxe, which was considerably less fun, let me tell you! I might still get some play before going back to work , so fingers crossed!

Anyway, so I built the LEGO figs of my prospective adventuring party that I was planning for d20 Slayers. I did revise them a bit from the original concepts, but the core is still there. From left we have Ultuena H'engir, Lyseres, Gha-Rothbur, and Gafos Thereos. Just as terrible at naming characters as ever, I actually used a name generator until I came up with combinations I like. You can find it here if you so choose. I'll likely post more in-depth bios for these characters as I progress, like I did with Vandal Team back in the day, but for now the highlights are thus...
  • Ultuena H'engir - Gold Dragon Priestess. Obviously inspired by Filea from Slayers Try. Ultuena is a slightly more worldly and tough Dragon, who nonetheless shares Filea's preference in blunt weaponry. Ultuena is not an 'Outerworld' gold dragon like Filea, she is from the Water Dragon King group from the subcontinent. Her current assignment is to chaperone a particularly foul tempered Half-Mazoku she helped bind.
  • Lyseres. Much less obviously inspired by Xellos. A Half-Mazoku wizard, Lyseres used to be the powerful Mazoku warrior Ashadashomo before being bound into human form by the gold dragons. Now she searches for items of value to the dragons' fight against her own kind under the watchful -if benevolent- eye of Ultuena. I messed up in giving her a staff because Xellos used one, forgetting that in Slayers, priests use staffs, not wizards. But it sort of fits her look. Besides, I guess she needs something to ward off that greatclub when Ultuena wants to crump her head in.
  • Gha-Rothbur. A reptile beastman Warrior/Swordsman, Gha-Rothbur was one of Ashadashomo's mortal servants before her defeat at the hands of the dragons. Gha-Rothbur flipped sides because of a dichotomy of wanting to remain with his mistress, and also because he is beginning to see dragonkind as the rightful deities of his race. In typical Slayers fashion, his helmet is the only sign of him wearing heavy armor, like how Gourry wears shoulder-pads which give him the benefit of plate armor.
  • Gafos Thereos. A male human Bounty Hunter and Gunfighter, Gafos is on a sort of 'extended retainer' to the dragon clan, who see his particular usefulness to aid Ultuena in her quest for powerful weapons to use against the Mazoku. Clever rather than smart, the dragons use Gafos to add a pinch of practical experience to the band of 'booksmart' adventurers. He wears a sleeveless chainmail shirt to keep his hands quick.
That's it for now. I'm still working on the character sheets for this bunch, but having the personal histories in place makes that a lot easier for me, for some reason. Like I know what decision they would make and how their history shapes what things they should be good at, I guess. More to come...


John Lambshead said...

There is something so endearing about lego men. I can't for the life of me work it out but it exists.

CounterFett said...

It's the proportions. The Japanese have put an awful lot of work into art styles like Chibi and Kawaii, and if you examine it from that perspective, you see that LEGO minifigs follow those same standards quite well.