Sunday, September 1, 2013

Back From The Games! I Got A Sword!

Well, coming up to this year's Scottish Gathering and Games, I oh-so-subtly had taken to calling it 'Sword Fest 2013.' You know, just to get my wife comfortable with the idea. So we went, we looked, we ended up staying much longer than we had originally planned due to some events the kids got signed up for that I didn't know about. Yes, I wore a kilt. No there are no pictures. Long story short, I bought a sword.

I wanted to get something single edged, straight bladed, and with an enclosed hilt. I fought saber for a lot of years, so that's the style I am most comfortable in, if that gives you sort of an idea of what I was looking for. I ended up getting a basket hilt backsword. It's not the finest example I have ever seen of the breed, but it's pretty good. It has a sound blade and hilt, the scabbard holds it but doesn't abrade, and it's light and lively enough to act how I like it to when making the movements. Also it was cheap, which is a big point for me.

But of course, not to be outdone, my wife bought a sword too. Well, I guess I can't kick up too much of a fuss, I did say it was 'Sword Fest 2013' right? She got this short full tang cord gripped semi machete that caught her eye. She really liked the skulls on the blade. She had trouble deciding if she wanted this one or the green one they had in the same pattern. I told her to go with this one because the skulls looked better in white. My wife is pretty awesome.

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