Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Big RPG Ideas, And Why I Probably Won't Do Them

Could also be titled 'In Which Counterfett Convinces Himself To Take On More Solo Projects.'

So, I do have my big solo campaign using Microlight D20 coming up. Just waiting on the results of the poll off on the top right there. So vote already! Also, I got my hot little hands on a copy of Slayers D20 (don't ask, it wasn't easy) as well as the same publisher's more general anime based 'Big Eyes Small Mouth' D20.

Will I ever play these? Probably not.

Why? You may ask. Well, it's complicated. I'm pretty enamored of the Slayers right now, and it's a cute game, but does my gaming group really want to spend the very few gaming sessions we even have anymore on an obscure game about a cartoon nobody but me has watched? I suppose it's possible, we all had a blast with the Halo/ODST themed game I forced everyone into a few years back. Most likely, we'll end up doing what we always do, argue about what to make our 'main' campaign, then play a one off game of something or other. Like Space Hulk. We play that a lot.

So, this opens a can of worms for me. Do I want to try and start another solo project? I think I might, I used to have 2 or three things going at the same time. The only thing going right now is the Solo 'Solo' gaming thing, which hasn't started (since I'm waiting for the poll results, remember?). Even the Bjorn thing has stopped. I think I have just about talked myself into this.

Funny how I started this article proclaiming I would likely not play this, and now I am wrapping it up pretty firmly having decided to just do it myself rather than pushing my fairly inconsistent gaming circle into it. That's the way it works with me sometimes.

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