Friday, September 20, 2013

Bryce The Stern - Playing The Cards You're Dealt

I know what this looks like, but those are lesser mummies.
So I finally got around to running my second game with the indomitable Bryce the Stern. Bryce, eschewing luxuries as a true warrior of the faith, used all of the proceeds from his last expedition to buy a masterwork bastard sword. Replacing his crummy longsword with a weapon superior in damage and to-hit, he endeavors to completely clear the dungeon he began in last week.

Things went pretty darn well this time, in terms of my game mechanics. Rolling for each new area, or when rounding a tile corner rather than for each tile made the game flow much more naturally, and gave a feeling of tension instead of just knowing every tile was going to have an encounter. There was more strategy to how I wanted to approach new areas which might have foes.

In story terms:
Bryce, emboldened by his success in the last descent, plunges further into the dungeon. He has an easier go of it at first, as the cavern does not seem to be quite so teeming with abominations this time. Perhaps his earlier assault had thinned them somewhat. As he plunged deeper, however, the foes grew stronger and more aggressive. At last, as he drew within sight of the exit, a sign that he had surely cleansed the entire cavern of evil from end to end, a pair of mummies rose from dilapidated sarcophagi.

The battle rage, and while Bryce smote them, they were simply to strong for a novice of his order, and he was pushed back down the tunnel, onto a creaky wooden bridge. While he had crossed this bridge earlier without mishap, battling a pair of shambling mosters on it proved too much and he tumbled into the darkness below.
Ok, so when I got to this point last night I decided to stop. What happened here was the mummies proved a little much in the exit tile, and I backed up a place to give Bryce a chance to heal himself. I figured I would have no trouble making the low save on the hazardous tile that I had crossed earlier. Which I of course failed on the second time. So, Bryce fell in. I had pushed on a bit late because I thought I would be done in a 'few more minutes,' but then with calamity hanging over our brave hero, it looked like I would have to do quite a bit of playing more to get him out, I just hit the sack.

Don't judge me.

Also, this one is a little short because I only took one picture. I dunno, the tiles and bad guy counters are going to get pretty repetitive, so I figured I'd keep these on the brief side and just take pics of events or bosses.


MIK said...

Even the one pic looks great, what are the tiles from?

Good fluff too.

And you're using Md20?

Anonymous said...


Look here:

and here:

CounterFett said...

Hey, sorry for the slow response Mik, seems like SAROE is more on top of things than I am.

Yeah I use Microlite d20, with all of its expansions.

And the tiles are from Patrol: Lost on Board Game Geeks. The set in the pictures is called 'underworld.' I have a few other sets, but they're not completed yet.