Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Dango. A Real Thing...Apparently

So, I just finished up watching the 24 episode anime "The Legend of the Legendary Heroes," which despite having a humorous name in and of itself, was a pretty enjoyable series. In said anime (which will likely be reviewed sometime soon), one of the main characters, Ferris, is a fanatical devotee to a dessert dumpling called 'Dango.'

I seriously managed to not pay too much attention to this through the series, not realizing that Dango is a real thing. Turns out it is. Hmph. Now I really want to try it. You would think, being in California, that this would not be an unattainable goal. So far no luck. I will update you as I progress in my legendary quest for the fabled Bocchan or Hanami Dango (seen above, the example I found that looks the most like Ferris' Dango from the show).

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