Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Hilarious & Offbeat Bathroom Art - Bronies Rejoice!

Yeah, that's a Japanese style 'My Little Pony' with a Samurai on its back.
You know how it is, you visit some obscure relative's house for the first time, and you kind of try to hold it in because you don't know where the bathroom is, and you're not inclined to ask or explore. But then you realize it's a two hour drive home and you really don't want a kidney infection...

But he's not alone!
Anyway, a couple weekends ago I was at my wife's cousin's place for their kid's one year birthday (I almost got out of this one, because I was sick a few days earlier, not sure how I got dragged anyway). And they had these Japanese style wood art pieces. I almost didn't even realize what they were.

I had KE554 take the pictures with her phone, because I oh so intelligently didn't bring my camera.

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