Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Minifig (not) Monday - Even More Microfigs

So, at the same time I got the last batch of microfigs from the Kreo/Cityville Invasion line, I also got these dudes! Of course, because of the three day weekend, I forgot that yesterday was Monday, so I guess ths week we have a minifig Tuesday. Whatever.

First up is this HazMat trooper. He's dressed in orange. He's got a gas mask. He has a gun with a... hypodermic...neddle...for some reason. Really, I don't get it. Is he injecting someone with super soldier serum or something? Anyway, that one quibble aside, this dude is pretty cool.

Next up is the darling of this set...the Radioactive Zombie! He glows in the dark! It fulfills me in every way. Also, he comes with a sickle, or kama, or whatever. Some of the accessories in these sets just don't make any sense.

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