Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Misfits Adventure Journal (Slayers D20)

Hey all, so normally I will have pictures for this feature, but I forgot to charge my camera, and instead of not playing I just decided to play and take pics next time. This was just a quickie dungeon bash, rather than an out and out adventure. I ran my Misfits against a rather high level group of bandits just to get myself back in the groove of playing multiple characters in D20. I did use story cubes to sort of create a narrative, but kept it purposefully rather simplistc, not wanting to tie myself to a storyline at this point.
The bandits were pressing all around the party, and Ultuena swung her greatclub in a broad arc, crushing one of the vermin, and scattering several others. She was up front with Gha-Rothbur, trying to keep the bandits from closing to melee range with Gafos and Lyseres. In the former's case it was just to keep his hands free to load and fire his pistols, for which the bandits seemed to have great respect, and in the latter's case, to keep the half-Mazoku from getting too agitated. All Ultuena needed right now was for the seemingly young female witch to get angry and rampage in her true form...
I had Ultuena and Gha-Rothbur up front to be my main line fighters, which seems odd considering Ultuena is a priestess and a decent spellcaster in her own right, but considering her STR stat (23!) makes her my hardest hitter, plus the ability to fall back on laser breath in a pinch, and she becomes much better in a fist fight than Gafos with his pistols. Also, even though there is no 'alternate form' or transformation control in Slayers for Half-Mazoku, I made it up myself to make things a little interesting and introduce a little intra-party tension.
As the last bandit fell to Gha-Rothbur's blurring blade, Ultuena looked about to see if any of the villians yet breathed...she had questions after all. One stirred, and she quickly brought a healing spell to her lips, radiant white magic spread from her hands and mended the bandit's dire wound.
"Why.." the bandit sputtered.
"I have a few small questions for you," Ultuena purred, smiling in her most benevolent manner possible, considering her teeth tended to become more...draconic when she fought. "Your group was too well equipped and powerful to be simple bandits. Who sent you after us?"
The bandit chuckled painfully "Middlemen, don't really know who wanted you offed. But it seems they wanted you not setting foot anywhere near those old beetle ruins in the hills"
Ultuena passes her skill check to question the bandit/mercenary, who unfortunately wouldn't know much to begin with, but he does let slip a bit of the 'why' for the attack. Seems it has to do with the old ruins with the bug motif the were headed to after hearing some rumors in town.

More next time...and pictures, I swear.

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