Friday, September 27, 2013

Samurai, Griffins, Dragons, Swords And Stress.

Three of those things are fictional.

Anyway, I am currently at the most stressful part of my year (and hopefully my life!). The good news is that today is the last and worst day of it. At 4pm PST, I will be through, and I can go home, enjoy the weekend, kiss my kids, and seriously decompress.

A little bit of all of this stress is self-inflicted, as if I had been a little  more agressive in getting to my accounts, I would not be as far behind. But since everyone else on my team is further behind than me, I can only be blamed so much.

Anyway, back to the title! So, since I have been overindulging in escapism to try and be happy at home to make up for my awful days at the office, I've been getting a lot of the four things above. Samurai and Griffins in the form of the Lotus War books. I finished Stormdancer over the weekend, and I'm about two-thirds through Kinslayer. I'll have a review up this weekend, but spoiler's good.

Dragons? Well, Skyrim. I've been playing it a lot. I actually finished the main quest for only the second time. I did all the way back when the game first came out, but now I've done it once more. With my first ever spellcaster, too. Usually, I just keep making new characters when I get sick of a build, and never get too far into it.

And swords. Well, I like swords. I got a bokken at the Scottish games a month ago, and I've been meaning to start working out with it a bit. Hopefully I can do so this weekend. Also, I was thinking f re-re-painting my Katana. I need new wraps on it. Something self adhesive this time (that compression stuff is god-awful). I think I'll keep the Tanto and Wakizashi pink so that my daughter can have them when she's a little older. She was pretty keen on them.

That's it right now. Once I have had a chance to calm down a bit this weekend, I am planning to do some posting for here and the examiner. You know, actual content? Should be fun. Thanks for bearing with me.


Anonymous said...

So my options are:

Stress is fictional.
You don't know what fictional means.
Counting to three makes everything go wibbly-wobbly.

CounterFett said...

Haha. Good point. Actually, the samurai I was referring to are fictional, as in the chain-katana, power armor wearing variety from Stormdancer/Kinslayer. Actual Japanese Samurai, are in fact, not fictional.

Apologies. I'm a little fried from the work week.

Gotthammer said...

I thought it was maybe a reference to the classic:
"Smoking, drinking and you - two things I love."

Hope you pull up from the rush soon to enjoy the peace :)