Friday, September 13, 2013

Solo Gaming - Bryce Takes His First Steps Into The Unknown

Hey all, Counterfett here. As promised, since the poll ended and I got Bryce the Stern all statted out on his character sheet and built in LEGO form, the next phase was to try out my tiles and see how it all worked when taking it out of concept phase and putting all of the pieces together. Spoiler Alert: It worked pretty darn well.

Decisions, decisions...
I need to brush up on how exactly you are supposed to lay the tiles, according to the Patrol: Lost rules, as I made a lot of dead ends for myself, and I'm fairly sure I was doing it wrong in some places, but the tiles worked out passingly well in every other regard. Here we see Bryce at the very beginning of the dungeon, trying to decide exactly which route feels like it needs JUSTICE the most.

Here, Bryce prepares to dispense JUSTICE to a random encounter Patrol of Kobolds. This was a recurring theme of the evening, with my dice rolling proficiency rolling nothing but kobolds. They must really need JUSTICE.
Another thing I think I will change for the next go through is how often I roll for random encounters. I rolled for every tile, as Bryce entered it. This gave a lot of encounters, which, while good for grinding XP for Bryce, was a bit time consuming and repetitive. So, going forward, I will only roll when a 'corner' is turned or he enters a new 'area.' So basically, I am going to use common sense to dictate when a roll should be made, rather than simply ruling it at every 'space.'

I didn't get to finish this dungeon, as I ran out of time. Bryce slew enough foul kobolds to level up to level 2, which is cool. Hopefully when I play again this weekend, the minor tweaks I am making will allow a bit more fun and variety. Let you all know what happens!

Until then...JUSTICE!

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