Thursday, September 12, 2013

Solo Gaming With Counterfett - Getting The Band Back Together

Hey all, Counterfett here. Since I only yesterday decided the poll winner and built my avatar of JUSTICE (!) in the form of Bryce the Stern, I have no real progress to report on the Solo Solo Gaming Front. That being said, I did a little bit of putting together on the topic of that other Solo project I was talking about, my Slayers D20 party. It will be the typical 4 member party, as that's the biggest number I can play myself and still have fun.

When I say typical, I mean in that it has four members, not that these will be ordinary adventurers. No, half the fun of The Slayers is the wacky races and classes you can run. As such, I am going to start all of my characters at level 7 or equivalent.

I haven't worked out the specifics, backstories and names, really, but so far, the class is looking like this:
  1. Human Sorceress (Witch Class / Sorceress Prestige Class)
  2. Beastman Swordsman (Warrior Class / Swordsman Prestige Class)
  3. Human Gunfighter (Bounty Hunter Class / Pistoleer Prestige Class)
  4. Dragon Priestess (Dragon Level 6 Equivalent / 1 level of Priestess Class)
The inspirations behind some of these characters are pretty easy to see, if you know the show, but nevertheless, should offer lots of opportunity for fun. Sure the Race/Class combinations are over the top, but this is in keeping with the source material. And keep in mind, since my Solo RPG sessions tend to be combat heavy, I'm going to be slating them against some equally over-the-top villains. Think Demons, Ancient Dragons, Demi-Gods. That sort of stuff.

I'm going to be making the characters out of LEGO, the way I did with Bryce, so expect to see them posted in the near future as well. This is primarily so I have representations of them to run through the Dungeon Tiles I have made (and that I am still making, for that matter).

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