Thursday, September 5, 2013

Solo Gaming With Counterfett - The Hard Part

Character creation. Seriously, I have pretty much everything else worked out for how I want to proceed with this new direction of 'solo' solo gaming. I have my dungeon tiles made, I have my super simple game of choice all printed and bound, I have my random encounter tables assembled. Honestly, I'm good to go. Except for one thing...

I need to make a character. Usually, in an RPG in a real gaming group, I play a female character. It's one of my foibles. Since most of my gamer friends are male, and not all that secure, the adventuring parties turn into a sausage fest. So, I make girl characters. Playing solo, however, the need is minimized. So I've decided I'm going to roll a guy.

Beyond that, however, I'm not sure. I had initially thought to make a tank-like fighter, give him the heaviest armor I could afford, and a shield. Since he's solo, it feels like survivability needs to be paramount. But, that seems boring. Then I thought of rolling a mage, but since d20 microlite uses HP to limit spell usage, magi are even more vulnerable than in other games.

The other feasible classes are:
  1. Bard
  2. Paladin
  3. Ranger
Paladin might be the most effective choice, since he has a lot of the goods that the fighter does, plus the capacity for some minor self-healing. Ranger is almost as effective in a fight as a fighter/paladin, but has better survival skills, which is important as I WILL be using the hazard tiles as encounters. Bard is a nice jack-of-all-trades, with some magic, some fighting ability, some ability to mitigate hazards & traps, and able to use light armor.

I think I'll put up a poll to help me decide, vote on the right!

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