Thursday, October 24, 2013

Back In The Saddle

Hey all, Counterfett here. I'm back in work from my extended, unintentional Dental Holiday. While I am of course very sad to be back in the office, on the flip side, this probably menas I am going to be back to my regular level of posting consistency. I hope.

I have tons of cool stuff in the backlog to post about. Still not feeling tippy top. I have a bit of a headache, and trouble sleeping, but getting back to regularly scheduled programming should be abig help.

Thanks for bearing with me. I hope all this stuff I have coming up will have been worth the wait! Also, the third part of Sword Art Online (the first half of the Fairy Dance, for those of you familiar with the light novels) has finally been released in English! Hence the pic! Huzzah!

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