Friday, October 4, 2013

Blind Packed Mega Bloks Smurfs

These are in stores. I saw them in the Walmart across the street from my office. They are $1.99 as opposed to the typical $2.99-3.50 you see for blind packed figs. I gotta tell you, Mega Bloks are really earning points with me for their interesting licenses and variety of sets.

These figures have 7 points of articulation, and their hats are removable. That's more than the movie Batman or Superman 4" lines! They come with an accessory, and a 4x4 base, as well as a piece of scenery and a leaf. I have a few of these now, and will post some picks of the actual figs tonight.


Anonymous said...

How do they compare size wise with LEGO minifigs?

The KREO fig bodies were a surprise-but the heads & weapons were a nice addition to the collection.

CounterFett said...

They're about the same size as LEGO figs, but of course the proportions are different, the smurfs have smaller bodies but bigger heads. The accessories are interchangeable. I want a bunch of these so that I can have a Smurf spear unit.

Action Ranger Timmy said...

Serious want on the Jokey.