Saturday, October 26, 2013

LEGO Fallout New Vegas - Anastasius

Anastasius begins with nothing but a vault suit, pip-boy, and varmint rifle. And he looks none to happy about it.
So, last night because of troubles at work, I was having trouble sleeping. As is often the case, I decided to pass the time until sleep with video games. I was playing my beloved courier John-117 (yeah, I know, I'm terrible at coming up with names so I usually use names of characters from other games), when disaster struck. Suffice to say, John-117's save file is corrupted and unplayable. So, with a heavy heart, I purged his file and started over. Of course, this gave me an idea. I remembered my moderately successful LEGO Terraria series from some time back, and decided to do something similar here.

Thus, I give you my new Courier. His name is Anastasius, which means either 'reborn' or 'resurrected' depending if you are of an ecclesiastic or philosophical disposition. I thought it was appropriate given the situation. Don't give me too much credit for originality, because of course I stole the idea from Precentor-Martial Anastasius Focht from BattleTech (his name means 'Reborn to Fight') who was secretly Prince Frederic Steiner (I think, it's been a while and it was always a bit convoluted).

Anyway, what I'm planning here is to post pictures of his LEGO avatar as I progress through the game, doing my best to represent his armor progression from humble vault suit to (presumably) Power Armor much later. Here he is at the beginning of the game, in his borrowed vault suit, carrying the varmint rifle which is your first serious weapon that you get from the first quest.

I'm looking forward to this quite a bit, it's been a while since I've had a good game/LEGO series like this running.

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