Sunday, October 13, 2013

LEGO Store Chima Multi Figure Pack

Hey all, so KE554 and I went to the nearby LEGO store yesterday. While she was rummaging around in the big sets, I was helping the kids make their own custom minifigures. As an award winning dad, I was also totally looking at everything else nearby.

And I found these! These are great for folks who dig the Chima figures and all the extra greeblies they come with (like me), but don't care to spring for the overpriced and under figured vehicle sets in the line (also like me).

Here's Lennox. He's a lion. I already had him, as I got a set with him in it some time back because I wanted to use his sword as a techblade in a SW:TOR custom I made some time back. Ah, remember that project? Of course you don't, no one read those articles.

This is Winzar. He's a wolf. KE554 had him already, from one of the little sled sets, I think. More wolves are better than less, as far as I am concerned.

Next is Razcal. I don't think we had him before. He's pretty legit, some kind of crow with attitude. In the real world I hate crows. I've blasted quite a few to prevent predation on orchards (which is the only legal way to shoot them where I live), and you never seem to be able to get ahead of them. Fantasy minifigs of them, though, are pretty sweet.

Ewar. Some kind of white hawk/eagle? I dunno. I don't think he's supposed to be a mourning dove. Whatever. He's a neat fig, and his parts will make nice angels if one was so inclined (not EVA style angels, sadly).

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