Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Painting with Paint™ - Dat Rose Of Sharon

I went to a ton of trouble to take this screenshot, then realized that there's almost an identical one on the Wiki. D'oh!
I recently started replaying Fallout: New Vegas. Going back to this game after playing Skyrim is very difficult, as they are very similar, but Skyrim integrated a lot of improvements and refinements that are sorely missed in New Vegas. The quest arrow, in particular, is godawful in New Vegas.

That said, I sure did miss Rose of Sharon Cassidy. This time around, I actually did her companion quest and got all of her perks unlocked. Hand of Vengeance gives me happy. But anyway, for those few of you who don't already know how cool Cass is, she's a hard drinking, foul mouthed teamster who pairs up with the courier after her caravan gets slaughtered in a power struggle for trade routes. There are a few alternative outcomes to her quests, but I failed the good guy option (oops, the Van Graffs caught me, what can I say?), so I ended up helping her slaughter the people who set her up.

There's a huge cult following for her online, which I think is kind of funny, as I don't think she's portrayed as being even moderately attractive. She's scrawny and has a splotchy complexion. And she's horrifically alcoholic and dysfunctional. Other than that, her personality and dialogue options remind me of the things I liked about Isabella from Dragon Age 2. She's that kind of fighter.

She's currently set up with combat armor (I had a lot of sets after the Van Graffs) and her Caravan shotgun. I'm wary of giving her a better gun after Boone glitched and lost a bunch of hunting rifles. That said, this is her iconic look, from when you first meet her in the bar section of the Mojave Outpost. She's the only companion  in this game that requires a skill check to join up, so she can be hard to convince early in the game.

Totally worth it.


Gotthammer said...

I don't think she's portrayed as being even moderately attractive.



I've got to start playing NV again - seems like everyone else is at the moment.

CounterFett said...

Not saying I don't love me some Cassi, but yeah, her skin textures in the game make me uneasy.

Veronica Santangelo, now...

Well, I guess you'll have to tune in next week for me to wax rhapsodic about a certain starry eyed girl from California.