Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Painting with Paint™ - Ladies Of Sword Art Online (Part One)

Hey all, Counterfett here. So, remember, back in the good old days (of like maybe a year ago?) when I used to actually post this feature on Tuesday? And every week. Yeah, I should probably start doing that again. Same with my other weekly features, I suppose I should get them back to 'weekly.' Whatever. Well, since another batch of SAO episodes came out in English, I got all bothered about painting some of my favorite characters. Since most of the interesting characters from SAO are, in fact, female, I figured I would do a multi part of them. This week, I call: the runners up. These are the girls that vied for Kirito-kun's affection and were less than successful. I refer, of course, to Silica and Lisbeth.

Remember to enlarge these. I think they look better when you can see the blemishes, for some reason.
Poor Silica, she dug Kirito, but never really had a shot. He thought she looked like his sister, which is ridiculous, since Suguha looks NOTHING like Silica, but him just thinking it is strikes 1-3 as far as I'm concerned. Silica is a fun character to me, one of my very favorites in the series. She is in one of my top two episodes "The Black Swordsman", also. She's adorable while not being too 'loli,' and manages not to be annoying either, as many 'cutesey' anime characters are. I feel like I didn't do her justice here.I had to use the small brush otherwise her details wouldn't show up. I wanted one of her more serious moments, and the other contender was the plant monster holding her upside down. I chose this to avoid anyone thinking I'm a perv for that.

"I'll bet you have an appointment!"
Next up is Lisbeth. Lisbeth is in my other 'Top Two' episode "Temperature of the Heart." If you're looking for a theme, these are both episodes that portray events from the perspective of characters other than Kirito. It's funny to see how other people perceive him. Lisbeth, of the girls in SAO, probably makes the strongest run at Kirito, but ultimately backs off when she sees what he means to Asuna. Cute rather than beautiful, I always thought Lisbeth made a nice contrast to the idealized picture of teenage feminine perfection that Asuna represents. Still, she's Asuna's only real competition (until Sinon comes along in Gun Gale Online, but that's another story). I just realized I managed to screw up her freckles. ARGH! The curse of Liara strikes again! Whatever, maybe I'll go back another time and do a multi-layer composition of her like I did for my blue girl. Or maybe I'll forget.

God 'Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer' was a hard episode to watch. I actually cried. That doesn't happen.
Oh, and a freebie of Kirito. Lest you think I only love this show for the girlies. That's only mostly true. It might not seem it, but aside from the aforementioned Liara 'Freckles' piece, this might be the most technically difficult piece I've posted for this. The reflection was HARD. I have no idea why it should be, it just was. So there.

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