Friday, October 11, 2013

Pre-Order Critique - Mantic Basilean Angel Things

Ur-Elohi Samacris. Her wings rather remind me of Tyrael and his ilk from the Diablo franchise. A good thing.
Ok, so you can probably guess I didn't really know how to caption this one. But on the flipside, I am finally back to giving Mantic some attention. They have sort of suffered some unintentional backlash with my recent blah state with 40k. That said, I did notice these in the pre-order section of my favorite online pusher of plastic.

Ur-Elohi Jullius. His wings remind me of Angel from the X-men. Not as good a thing.
Now, again, I have not been super up to date with Mantic stuff, but I gather Basileans are the long overdue human faction for Kings of War. Apparently, when they march to war, their war deity/avatar splits into two aspects, a male and a female, and then goes to town on whoever dares run up on humanity.

That's right, we got War Angels! Take that Elveses!

Anyway, these look like really superb sculpts. The only thing that has a me a tiny bit taken aback is the price. $15 at a discount retailer. Now I do get these are oversize, more intricate models than I am used to, but I think I paid less than that for my first Mantic boxed set. Just saying.

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