Sunday, October 20, 2013

Sonic And The Black Knight - Shadow / Lancelot

Hey all, Counterfett here, back from my mini hiatus induced by dentistry, video games, and laziness. Pretty much just going to do this post as a much overdue throwaway to get something posted and up so that I can get back in the saddle, as it were. I've never payed Sonic and the Black Knight. In fact, I think the last Sonic game I played was Sonic 2. So, it's been a while.

There was a time, however, when I considered Sonic the Hedgehog to be as iconic a video game character as Super Mario, so I'm always interested in the toy versions. I already had a Sonic in this same scale, so I felt like a new character was in order for the Black Knight line. Shadow is one of the figures I was on the lookout for, as he looked cool, came with a cool accessory, and had a moveable visor. Don't know why that's such a selling point, but it is.

I have not taken this out of the package yet, as I'm concerned it's going to have fundamental top-heaviness issues if I do. For now he's going to just be chilling in his box. Like Sonic still is.

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